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Lim Locations is the premier company for professional feature film-, TV-, advertising- and photographic locations. Located in both Rotterdam and The Hague. Thus conveniently situated for the Benelux not to mention the geographic area in which the company operates which includes the whole EU. The company is at the clients' disposal 24/7.

Ing Lim has over a quarter of a century of experience in the provision of locations. Indeed he has worked with a selection of the best international and Dutch producers and production designers. His eye for not only the beautiful but also the practical will create the perfect location package for your project.

Lim Locations is pleased to offer an extensive range of unique locations from its inventory and without the need for initial reference to photo archives. This is subject to availability and scheduling needless to say. In addition the company will always serve the needs of the client first. Your script will be read thoroughly and your briefing discussed in detail with your producer and/or production designer so that the perfect and practical location will be supplied to you on time and on budget. 

Ing Lim used to be be also a location manager at Locatiegoed Amsterdam for many years. From 2017 till 2021 he was the Film Commissioner of The Hague. That's why he enjoys a good relation with the Dutch Film Commission. Thanks to these unparalleled connection he has contact to a plethora of worldwide film commissions. You can count on superb support for your production on all levels… to the moon and back.

Ing Lim has been awarded his master's degree from the Rotterdam Academy of Fine Arts, (photography, film, advertising and graphic design). Feel free to peruse his full cv: Ing Lim on IMDb.

note: Your project (your locations) will be stored in a closed section on the page 'projects' for which you will receive the password by mail.

[Zeeland / 'modern archeology']

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